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On tax day, progressive advocates call for corporate accountability in Tallahassee

April 15 having fallen over the weekend, Tuesday officially was designated as Tax Day, when individual income tax returns are due with the federal government. To mark the occasion, Florida progressives held a news conference to blast Florida’s tax system, in which the overwhelming majority of corporations pay absolutely no income taxes.

Can We Finally Stop Corporate Tax Giveaways on Tax Day?

It’s Tax Day and hardworking Floridians will pay a disproportionate amount in taxes while corporations and billionaires continue to not pay the taxes they owe – due to the legislature’s billions in corporate tax giveaways and refusal to close corporate tax loopholes.

Florida For All exposes Legislature’s list of corporate giveaways

While everyday Floridians would directly benefit from a people-centered budget and policies that puts our tax dollars towards  critical community needs, legislative leaders continue pushing their corporate agenda with tax giveaways that would cost Floridians approximately $17.8 billion over the next five years.

Florida For All presents “People’s Budget” ahead of Legislative Session

A progressive coalition of organizations called Florida For All held a “People’s Press Conference” today, bringing forth concerns about unions, education, and the upcoming state legislative session starting tomorrow. Ruth Moreno is the Deputy Director for Florida For All, and challenged the Governor directly.

2022 Florida Department Of Revenue Data On Online Sales Tax Corporate Giveaway

This is in response to your request for reemployment tax information dated August 1, 2022.
The Department of Revenue’s (Department) responses to your questions are enclosed using the form and format you requested. Each year of data is based on taxable years ending within the calendar year unless otherwise noted.

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