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Can We Finally Stop Corporate Tax Giveaways on Tax Day?

Costing Floridians billions of our tax dollars, lawmakers, constituents and taxpayers call on legislative leaders to finally make corporations pay the taxes they owe this Tax Day 

April 17, 2023

Contact: Damien Filer / 850-212-1858 / Damien@ProgressFlorida.org

TALLAHASSEE – It’s Tax Day and hardworking Floridians will pay a disproportionate amount in taxes while corporations and billionaires continue to not pay the taxes they owe – due to the legislature’s billions in corporate tax giveaways and refusal to close corporate tax loopholes. As legislative leaders debate the $100 billion plus state budget, according to Florida For All Education Fund, essential services remain underfunded in Florida as corporations price gouge, slash wages, and make record profits off our tax dollars.  Among the companies and industries benefiting from the giveaways are utility companies, landlords, developers and billionaire campaign donors.

“No matter who we are or where we live, hardworking Floridians pay the taxes we owe, with the hope of investing those dollars into critical needs like our local schools, public safety, health care, and a clean environment,” said Dr. Renata Bozzetto, Deputy Director, Florida Immigrant Coalition. “But Florida’s political leaders have instead chosen to let the very companies and industries that donate to their campaigns reap the benefits of our hard work in higher profits and minimal taxes. While they do business in our state and benefit from our roads, infrastructure and environment, they fail to pay what they owe leaving that disproportionate burden on the rest of us. Enough is enough.”

What: Press conference

When: April 18, 2023, 8:30AM – 9:00AM

Where: Capitol Building, 4th floor rotunda

Who: Florida legislative leaders and Florida taxpayers 


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