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Florida For All exposes Legislature’s list of corporate giveaways

Legislation would cost Floridians approximately $17.8 billion in tax dollars over the next five years.

Contact: Damien Filer / 850-212-1858 / Damien@ProgressFlorida.org

TALLAHASSEE – While everyday Floridians would directly benefit from a people-centered budget and policies that puts our tax dollars towards  critical community needs, legislative leaders continue pushing their corporate agenda with tax giveaways that would cost Floridians approximately $17.8 billion over the next five years. According to Florida For All, among the companies and industries benefiting from the giveaways are utility companies, landlords, developers and billionaire campaign donors.

No matter what we look like or what city we call home, everyday Floridians of all backgrounds work hard, provide for our loved ones, and pay the taxes we owe. Those we elect to represent us decide how to spend our tax dollars. Our taxes should be used to fund community needs like housing, health care, education, public safety, and environmental protection,” said Ruth Moreno, Deputy Director for Florida For All.

Some of the big ticket items in the bills that are being considered by the Legislature during this session are:  

  • HB 1/SB 202: A millionaire and billionaire tax break privatizing public schools that could cost Floridians potentially $4 billion in the first year alone;
  • HB 715/SB 1488, massive Lottery payments to chains like Publix, 7-Eleven and Circle K costing Floridians $191 million; 
  • A permanent giveaway to multinational corporations, costing Floridians $1.9 billion; and     
  • HB 451/SB 1450, a property tax break for timeshare developers, costing Floridians $1.2 billion    

For a complete list of giveaways being considered in this year’s state budget, please click here.

At the beginning of the legislative session, Florida For All shared the People’s Budget, a proposal that uplifts the needs of the people of Florida and advocates for a government and a budget that works for us, not greedy corporate elites. The People’s Budget represents a new approach to ensuring everyday people have a voice in one of the most important policy decisions we entrust to our elected officials: how to spend our public tax dollars.

Florida For All coalition members have strongly advocated for greater investment in state and local budgets, as well as for enhanced funding for critical community needs like housing, health care, education, public safety, and environmental protection, in stark contrast with Governor DeSantis and his allies’ proposals. 

“Our elected officials must be on the side of the people that elected them to serve and not prioritize greedy corporate  interests. They should do better; they should be better,” said Pastor Rhonda Thomas, Executive Director for Faith in Florida.

About Florida For All

Since 2014, six Florida-based organizations — Florida Rising, Florida Immigrant Coalition, Faith in Florida, Central Florida Jobs with Justice, Dream Defenders, and SEIU — have built a deep, long-term collaboration with each other across constituencies and geographies. This has given us the collective power to have a greater impact that leverages the long-term strength of our membership, capacities, and leadership toward winning governing power through durable and meaningful community organizing, civic engagement programs, and electoral victories. For information about Florida for All visit www.floridaforall.vote.


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